Funder friends

Comment heard a few days ago … (paraphrased) “I’ve built up a good relationship with my funder so it’s easier for me to get funded.” My first thought was – yay, this is good, more money for good projects, going to a good person. This is what third sector organisations […]

Letting Go

I can be stubborn, I can cling to ideas and possessions and people long after they should be discarded by the wayside. But learning to let go is a valuable lesson I have learned over the years (see, there’s a benefit to being a wise crone). I’ve been struggling with […]

Learning to learn (again)

This last couple of weeks have felt chaotic-good. Despite a chest infection, decorating, flat-packed furniture, and feeling like I know nothing I am still here, still excited, still ready for the years ahead. And I had my first official supervision meeting today. It felt good to be actually talking about […]

Sleepless, but OK

It’s gone 4am and I’m unable to settle to sleep. Whirling thoughts are keeping me awake, even though I am tired. So I got up, sat in my almost finished office, and decided to write them out. Moodle: this is my bugbear at the moment, getting to grips with Moodle. […]

Learning to learn again

It’s strange, I am always reading, searching for new knowledge, discovering weird and wonderful things, but not really learning. I think this could be because there was never really any ‘purpose’ other than knowledge for knowledge’s sake. But no, now I have purpose, now I have a goal, and I’m […]


So, as of the 1st October I am officially a doctoral candidate 🙂 And I started this journey with a chest infection … so I was very thankful (for the first time I think) that, due to the virus, everything is online and I could attend the intro events from […]

Edging ever closer

Formal student registration in progress, filled in the forms, supplied the obligatory photo for ID. When I log on to the uni intranet I see staff and student information … the dream is solidifying into reality. Over the last few months I’ve started to follow more academic and PhD related […]