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Reader, writer, learner. A geek who always knows where her towel is. The creator of two new lifeforms, now sent out to infiltrate wider society.

Working at University of Strathclyde and studying at Imagination in Lancaster University.

Idealistic dreamer of a better world for everyone.

Engagement and knowledge exchange, how do we (as a university department) do this successfully, effectively, economically – not only the economics of cold cash, but of time, resources, energy. How do we do this equitably?

I’ve been in a partnerships type of role within the university since 2018 and I see the challenges for both academics and the communities they work with. I also see the gaps, the empty spaces where academia doesn’t quite reach. And also the empty space within academia where community knowledge would broaden and enhance their research.

We try, I know we try, so now I would like to attempt to change that “I think we can” into an “I know we can” … and maybe even into a “I knew we could”.

You may find me at:

ImaginationLancaster, LICA Building, Lancaster University