The boundary gap: some thoughts

Engagement, and the role of ‘boundary spanners’*, exists on some levels to close the gap between academia and community, and here I use community in its widest sense, any person or organisation working or involved with the university. That gap, I believe, is a gap of knowledge and trust, caused […]

My first presentation

On Thursday 23rd November 2023 I am going to speak in public about my research for the very first time … to say I am nervous would be a vast understatement. Anyway, this is the gist of my speech tomorrow. Hello, I am Sharon Summers, Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Manager […]

Whiteboards & Canva Plotting

Further to my last post on finding the way that’s best for me … I’ve just digitalised the results of conversations from the last two days. I feel so much more confident about what I am doing (and my ability to do it). As one supervisor stated when she saw […]

Engaging with Tales from Imagination

Once upon a time … this phrase echoes across aeons and landscapes, bringing butterflies in the stomach, curiosity in the mind, excitement in the soul. Storytelling has been part of human civilisation before marks on stone or ink on paper, oral traditions passed down the generations sharing knowledge and wisdom […]