What you find when you clean up

Yes, yes, it’s a procrastination too, but I did need to clean up my office over the holiday break.

Going through all the papers I’ve printed off, deciding what is still relevant, what I need to read, what I can discard. Found a whole sheaf of papers I wrote while in my first year under Sociology. Have kept them to one side and will re-read to see what I can adapt. I’d forgotten how much my topic changed, but nothing written is ever wasted.

I also found many papers I’d printed off and forgotten about, so they are now added to EndNote so I don’t forget again. I think I’ve figured out EndNote, and how to sync PDFs I find on the web with the desktop application.

I also realised that this blog wasn’t started until I had changed from sociology to design, and that there were posts on my writing blog which were relevant to my PhD journey – it’s like Bilbo’s story starting with guessing riddles in the dark but no explanation how he arrived there. So I did an export/import and now everything is here (I hope).

I’m still confused and uncertain, however I am trying to live in that uncertain space and trust that the effort I put in will mean my tale has a happy ending.