What you find when you clean up

Yes, yes, it’s a procrastination too, but I did need to clean up my office over the holiday break. Going through all the papers I’ve printed off, deciding what is still relevant, what I need to read, what I can discard. Found a whole sheaf of papers I wrote while […]

Literature Review (the beginning)

I’m coming up to my confirmation panel … 2 months and counting down … and my supervisors have advised that I do my lit review for it. I’ve been reading papers and making notes for ages, now I have to write about them? Rude! Anyway, I beat procrastination back into […]

So many squirrels

One of the challenges I am experiencing is “where to start”, what do I do first, is there an ‘order’ I should be doing things? What is the best order? What is the best order for me? I have an appraisal coming up, an ethics form to think about and […]