You’re stronger than you think

This phrase is on a sticker at the top of today’s page of my TN daily journal. I need to remember it, daily. Remember it when I look at my lit review and wonder what to write next. Remember when I think of my upcoming Confirmation Panel and the butterflies […]

Coping with Fears and Uncertainty

I had a supervision meeting last week, the topics of appraisals, conferences, and vivas came up … and my squirrel brain went into immediate chase-the-tail mode. Breathe. I am so lucky to have supervisors I can share my fears with, although I could feel the tears prickling the far recesses […]

Breathing Space

I refuse to allow any guilt over taking some breathing space over the holidays. Do you hear that Mr Guilt? I am not listening to your insidious whispers. I needed the rest, to allow myself to recover from everything that’s been happening, personally, family, work, health … and I feel […]

Lifting Heavy Things

Life can feel so weighted down sometimes (or often), these last two years of pandemic and lockdowns and masks has been a drain on my energy and a feeder of my anxieties. I need to (want to) do something to make the heavy things feel lighter. I’ve known that between […]