Endings and Beginnings

My contract at work ends 31st March 2024.

As with a lot of university roles, both academic and professional services, my role was project funded so when the project ends so does the funding to pay my wages. It is not truly a pleasant working environment in that respect, many of us hop from role to role, constantly having to prove ourselves and then spend a large amount of time job hunting, filling in applications, preparing for interviews … waiting.

It’s stressful.

The last six months has been very stressful, work has been extra busy leading up to the big festival being planned for March + job hunting + PhD. Something had to give, and unfortunately it was my PhD as I can’t really study anyway if I can’t pay my bills.

I’m going to be sad to leave Imagination. My academic colleagues are brilliant and funny and caring, my professional services colleagues are kind and supportive and we are a team in the best sense of the word. I’ve always said that working here I never dreaded Monday mornings. Through the last six+ years I have learned a lot, I’ve made some fabulous friends and there will be blubbing when I leave. (note to self: pack tissues). But all good things should apparently end and so, I will leave – I am assured though that you never truly leave Imagination and there’s already been mention of when am I coming back.

Here’s to new beginnings.

I am scared and excited to be starting a new job in a new university from 2nd April. This is a role I almost didn’t apply for because I was worried about logistics and my experience (second note to self: everyone has said I will be great in this role and it suits exactly my skillset). But I took note of what is engraved on my thumb ring (be brave) and I submitted my application, was pleased I got an interview, and then stunned when I was told they would be making me an job offer. In fact, for two days I went around thinking “did I mishear?” or “did I misunderstand?” But I didn’t, and I have a role that will be challenging and exciting and a step further on the career path I have chosen.

I feel happy/sad about life at the moment. More happy than sad though.

I have made a decision to intercalate for a few months while I settle into my strange new world, explore, seek out new civilisations … However, intercalating does not stop me studying, just takes a little pressure off. I’ll be completing my lit review over the summer and preparing for my confirmation panel as soon as I start back in autumn.

Over the last few months I have spent time in despair and doubt, however I made sure I didn’t dwell there too long and I spent time in hopes and dreams as much as possible. Now I can look forward to all the fun things that are going to happen over the next 18 months – because, of course, it’s a funded project. Right now I don’t care, it’s the role I really wanted and I am going to focus on making the most of my time in my new surroundings.