Whiteboards & Canva Plotting

Further to my last post on finding the way that’s best for me … I’ve just digitalised the results of conversations from the last two days. I feel so much more confident about what I am doing (and my ability to do it). As one supervisor stated when she saw […]

Forge your own path

(and don’t be afraid to ask) Welcome to my island of imposter syndrome surrounded with the ocean of no confidence and overlooked by the mountains of fear. I’ve been struggling with my supervision sessions for a while. I have three amazing supervisors, all colleagues, all people I trust and have […]

Organisation and process

One of the things that I know has been holding me back is my organisation and process for capturing, storing, accessing, and assimilating information. I’ve been all over the place, digital and paper-based, trying different apps and systems (evernote, roam research, one note, obsidian, logseq), but I think I have […]