Working on a Worldview

Frustration! Reading and thinking about methodologies and worldviews has been challenging to say the least. So many words I’m having to open the dictionary for, so many sentences being read and re-read over and again to try and make sense of them. I feel like Eric Morecambe’s piano playing, the words are all there just not in the right order … even though they are and it’s my brain that is having difficulty placing them.

I tried Crotty’s ‘The Foundation of Social Research’ and found myself asking again and again … am I intelligent enough to do this? My awesome supervisor team suggested I switch the Gray’s ‘Doing Research in the Real World’, which still caused my brain to hurt but I kept going. And then they suggested making it visual – this helped so much. I created a Miro board and started a post-it connections diagram by simply going through Gray and noting everything.

We sat down last week and discussed what I had created, going through each one, sharing their views and knowledge, bring some clarity to my thoughts. And today I sat down with Crotty again and it made more sense, I felt I had made made progress, I felt that perhaps, maybe, I could do this.

Keep on swimming …

*the image attached is from my first iteration on the miro board, it’s evolving